I’m Kaleah

Oh, Hello There

I consider myself a hummingbird, drifting from experience to experience, cross-pollinating other’s with lessons and skills learned along the way. Join me as I take life day-by-day with a heart for transforming adversity into adventure

I like to travel, I love to talk, and I’m always learning. I created this website to give myself a home-base on the web. Continue exploring to learn more about me!

No expectations, no disappointments!

Kaleah Callaway

I travel, I learn, I tell stories… And I blog about it!



I have a need to collect and archive experiences, artifacts, and relationships. I consider myself a sponge, absorbing the information around me to dispense what is valuable to others.


I am intrigued with the unique qualities of individuals. I understand what makes them different and find joy in figuring out how they can work together.


I believe that everything happens for a reason. I am a go with the flow kind of person. Always in the here and now, finding new ways to navigate challenges and embrace spontaneity.


I have a strong sense and understanding of peoples energy and emotions. Sometimes known as a human lie detector, I can sense feelings and emotions by putting myself in the place of another.


Some days my mind feels like a hamster wheel. Always turning, always coming up with new ideas. I’m the ideal brainstormer.

What other people say

She’s a ray of sunshine

― Almost everyone

To know her is to love her

― Also, almost everyone

To know me is to love me, If you hate me it ain’t me

-Kaleah Callaway

About Me

I am Kaleah, I travel, I learn, I tell stories, and I blog about it.

I take life day-by-day with a heart for transforming adversity into adventure… and I blog about it!