Who I am

Gifted in school, also in life. Ostracized with intense eyes, light dimly glowed. Even though, feeling so low, strength, surely showed.

Creativity, strategy, skill. Frozen by the thrill yet somehow finding the will to keep going.

Many times, I kept going. Despite my will to exist, diminishing. The thought of dying isn’t scary to me. I often thought of death and imagined the feelings. Surrounded with mourning relatives like you.

Someone to be there one moment and gone the next. Scrambling to remember the last things they said.

I’ve had a lot of joy in my life. It’s important I pay attention to small details in the moment like the smell. I remember laying in the grass looking at the clouds enjoying the moment.

I was often called spacey but I was present in my moment. I’d often daydream about anything.


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