There’s No Room in my Womb

Not for you
Nor those who
Seek to spew
Their seeds and through me
hope to live anew

A seed sown with the intention
To terminate before it can germinate
Planted in spite, and a deep seeded hate
For the one who was late
And couldn’t wait
The 10 months it takes
To give him away

So now you take
And take
And take

take control wherever you can
Anything to feel like a man
Anything to feel power again

Because it takes two
But a woman’s body is one
Not entitled to give a son
But for you, anything

So you ask me
About a plan B
When really it’s plan C

To choose what you lose
When the answer so true
It’s not up to you

Now there’s no room in my womb
And it feels like a tomb
Consumed by gloom
Awaiting the doom

Brought forth by the moon
a deluge
Of blood and tears
Of former years
And those never to appear

Once upon a time this time was sacred
Full of magic and devoid of hatred
A time to celebrate
My body’s ability to create
Life from Love

But there is no love here
Only fear
Of the known and unknown

Planting seeds.
Pulling weeds

But the only difference between a flower and a weed is a judgement

One you can not make


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