If you're not ready, I can't make you. 
Making this trip but I can't take you

Feeling you around me
Your energy body found me.
When will your mind catch up?

Not trying to rush
I know it feels like too much.
Your heart in my hand

You say you don't want to fall
afraid to land with your head in the sand
yet you're nowhere near the ground at all.

What is having it together
What is love without Letter

When will things get better?

She loves you but why wont you let her? 

Deserving more
From myself, from everyone else.
But they'll treat you how you let them
Can't beat you less you bet em
lessons you signed up for 
so get em

Now why would you do that TO yourself?

I can't force you. I don't want to . I have visions of me and you. 

Will the time come when I look back at feeling this way like it was stupid and everything was fine? 
Probably, and I'm okay with that. 

Healing doesn't look like sunshine

No one remembers the pain once it's past

they can't tap into a hurt they've released

subconsciously it's there it just doesn't hit the same

you dream of me, I know you do

You're not afraid of me, you're scared of you
Scared to be alone with thoughts so true

so you do to me what was done to you
but it doesnt help does it? 
it still hurts doesnt' it
and now I'm crying and inside you're dying
it all could have been avoided with some honesty
man up!

I contemplated getting drunk just to be honest with my feelings

sometimes I wish you'd do the same

in my sleep i call out your name

I'm tired of playing this game


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