A Flight

The city looks just as I expect it would from space. All the lights flickering like orange glitter.

The bird sways from side-to-side as we ascend.

It isn’t long before the dark grey, ghostly clouds appear.. whisping by.

Just as I start to miss the ground, the glittery lights, and the anthill-like busyness of the city below, the stars become visible. 

I’ve never seen the stars like this. So clear. I understand, now, how the ancient astrologers were able to discern the stories from the stars.

As I look out over the wings and into the sky, one-by-one, sparkles of light appear.

One, two, three, four stars arch to make a bow-like shape. A fifth appears opposite the four and now, five stars form the bow.

I tell myself that when we land, I’m going to search for constellations that depict archery. I know someone, somewhere a few thousand years ago, saw what I see now. 

That’s my thing though, I don’t usually see the same things as everyone else. However, this feels visceral. 

I pick up my phone, plug in my earbuds, and search Spotify for a playlist to listen to. 

I find one downloaded episode of Levar Burton Reads… Blur is the title.

I know this one. A tad bit creepy and surreal for my taste. I mean, I’m sure it’s a good story it just hits a little too close to home for me.

I decide to play it anyway and relax into my seat to breath deeply along with Levar.

The story starts as a woman makes her way into a rest stop. She’s on her way to visit a girlfriend who seems a bit controlling and possessive.

Like I said, a little too close to home.

Something I took away from the story:
Not knowing always leaves room for hope.

This was the start and foreshadowing of my 2020.


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