Life Update

So, we left off at Halloween. It was around noon when I published my last post, soon after my entire world flipped upside down!

Shortly after hitting publish, I started to feel a little nauseous.

I started on my makeup, preparing myself for the day’s events ahead. Not even 1 minute after I put on my lipstick, I started throwing up bile! It was not something I was unfamiliar with but I wasn’t understanding why this was happening to me. I decided to stay home (as I should) and rest.

I was able to explore some ancestry and charge my crystals. I set the intention to release all that no longer serves me.

Boy the universe answers quickly.

Not long after I wrapped up my practice, my stomach started aching. I laid on the couch and curled up in pain for what felt like several hours. My friend’s brother came home and after about an hour of crying, vomiting, and deliberation, I mustered up the courage to ask him to take me to the hospital.

When I arrived, I was hardly able to stand. I was provided with a wheelchair and a vomit bag while waiting. Shortly after checking in I was wheeled to a clinic room where my vitals were taken and blood was drawn.

It seemed like I was waiting forever, especially because I was in excruciating pain and vomiting non-stop. At some point I was informed that I would need a CT scan to diagnose my situation.

I was wheeled into a room where I laid on a table, steadied my breath, and did my best to not be claustrophobic.

The results of the scan were that my gal bladder seemed to be the culprit.

“This is normal, it happens often. A simple surgery will fix it. You’ll be right as rain in no time.”

Wow, just a few hours ago, I was living my life as normal. Now, I’m being told an organ is failing and it needs to be removed.

I was in so much pain that I couldn’t say no. I could hardly even think. The next morning, I was scheduled for surgery.

I had an ultrasound to confirm the inflammation in my gal bladder and if there were any possible stones. I don’t remember the doctor ever confirming that I was going to have surgery, I just remember the anesthesiologist checking in with me before hand.

Shortly after that, a man came into my room to give me a “limousine ride” down to the surgery wing. He pulled the rails up on my hospital bed and wheeled me out the door and into the elevator.

When we got to the surgery wing, I was asked if I had any questions or concerns and then given the sleeping gas. I still had a vomit bag in my hands as I was throwing up even before my surgery.

When I woke up, I didn’t even realize that I had already had surgery. I felt great! Well, great isn’t the word, but I wasn’t in excruciating pain any longer.

I was released on Tuesday, voting day.

My friend came to pick me up, took me to get my medication and some food, I watched her kid while she voted, and then she dropped me off to recover.

About a week later, I was propositioned with an opportunity to earn some money and travel. This is another story for another time. There are many details and it was a pretty traumatic experience so, stay tuned, I will be speaking on it.

Because I accepted this proposition, I found myself stranded in MINNESOTA! Where it’s COLD!

I was able to get a train ticket from Minnesota to Las Vegas where a friend of mine was living. A 54 hour train ride.

The details of such will be released sooner or later.

I stayed in Vegas for a few days, enjoying the views and speaking to the locals. I walked the strip and then I got terrible news.

My cousin called me to tell me that my sister, my little sister, was killed in a car accident.

I was shocked! I felt like I was dreaming. I called my father and he confirmed the tragedy and made arrangements for me to come home.

Home is where I am now. With family, celebrating the life and memory of my sister. Her services will be this weekend.

Sorry I don’t have much to say, it took a lot for me to muster the courage to write this in the first place.

I’ll be publishing a podcast episode soon.

Callaway Out!


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