The Gift

A box so beautifully wrapped under the tree

No tag attached, is it for me?

Shake the box to hear what’s inside. Not a sound to be heard it’s hard to decide.

Peel back the paper piece by piece, or tug on the ribbon and let it release?

I like surprises but not this much. I’m way too excited and tempted to touch.

Should l sit on my hands and wait my turn? To know what’s inside, oh how l yearn.

A practical gift? Or is it for pleasure? No matter the intent it must be a treasure.

Who brought it here l didn’t see. Still, l know it’s here for me.

It whispers my name when I’m out of sight. Its manifestation taking flight.

It’s so hard to be patient, though I know l must be so.

When it’s time, what’s inside, l will know.